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You have built your website and now have traffic coming to your website.  Now is time to monetize your site and increase your revenue.  We are going to not only teach you but guide you step-by-step in getting your website creating revenue.  Our community of experts is online 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week 365 days a year lining up to help you.

So let’s discuss what it takes to monetize your website…

To begin with, you will want to approach your website monetization using a recommendation approach.  You see this all the time on the internet when you look for a solution or product to fit your needs.  Then when you do you visit what’s called a product review page.  This is how some of the top marketers are increasing the ROI to their websites.

Build your visitors and clients trust in YOU!  They will, in turn, trust your recommendations and reviews.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is, don’t go out and start recommending everything in site and doing it all the time.  Doing this you will very much risk your reputation and risk the credibility of your business or brand name.  Also, make sure you’re researching and checking for consumer complaints on the services and products you going to recommend.  We know how that will go if you promotion a product or service that has an existing bad reputation.

You want to have the appearance of being transparent and honest about your recommendations and reviews.

I say this on the subject of recommendations and reviews you will most often see with positive and negative aspects of how a product or service.  Here is the caveat on that…

The debate is that mentioning the bad along with the good, marketers tends to believe that doing so will be a turn off to clients and visitors to their website.  The downside to that is that should the product turn out to have a downside to it, you risk your creditability not mentioning it.

My take…  Be transparent put everything on the table about the product or service in your review.  In the end, your clients will respect you and your visitors will continue to visit for your honesty.  Keep in mind, your review is not about you but about getting ALL the information out to your visitors, to best make an informed determination.

You want to come across as professional in how you present your recommendations and review.  And your content needs to say that you are.

Think about this…

Your client resistance to paying the price you offer is going to be proportionate to the amount of trust they have in what you say and the context in how it is said.

In other words…

You want your clients to believe in what you’re saying, how you’re saying it and presentation of how it is coming across.  This needs to be done face to face, as well as in the design and content of your website.  So you need to be self-assured and confident in what you’re presenting and how you’re presenting it.  You DO NOT! want your visitors or clients at the table seeing your uncertain and without confidence.  The moment they do they are gone.

Create the environment online and offline that will have you appear, represent and be professional and believable.  You want to create your content and frame your online presence so that it is unique and stand apart from others point of view in the same niche or target market.

Be prepared to present your process and steps on how your solutions will benefit others.  You will want to also add others remarks and testament to their experience in the product or services your offering as well.  You want to make sure the testimonies are from genuine and well-established individuals in the target market.

By no means do you want to exaggerate your product or service.  You do not want to appear aggressive or desperate to land a sale.  You want your client and visitors to be confident and believing what you’re saying and presenting to them.  You must keep in mind.  Visitors to your website and clients you meet face to face, may, in fact, have ongoing knowledge in the very niche or target marketing your presenting and is simply looking for a better deal.  Again, be ready to back your review and recommendations up with solid data and concrete evidence.

Freebies as a package deal can also be a good way to go.

One final note is to pay attention to what your competitors are doing with their products and services.  See if they are offering in any way, products and services as a package.  In most cases when you’re dealing with affiliate products or programs they usually are not, accept for free trials.  Coming up with a freebie package to offer as an up-sell can get a client or potential visitor even more attractive to your offer.

The freebies are just as important as the product and you want to also make sure it brings your clients and visitors values as well.  Make sure the freebie is some way in line with the product or services of your original promotion.  Think about all the products and services you have tried reviewing and searching.  Now think about as you leave their website the type of last minute ditch they try and offer you to register for a small freebie and in many cases they have no relations to one another.  This is what you want to avoid in making freebie offers or sample packages to go along with your original product or services.

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