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Your organization’s most Important Initiative is to aim at enhancing organizational development through the implementation of systems and techniques that align people, processes, and competencies with your business strategies and objectives. This initiative is based on Leavitt’s Organizational Development (OD) model, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of subsystems such as tasks, structure, people, and technologies. As we continue […]

WHEN ENTREPRENEURS ARE FACED WITH TIGHT DEADLINES The Five Most Important Answers All Entrepreneurs Must Know As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting and running a business. Over the years, I have learned that there are five crucial questions that all entrepreneurs must have clear answers to succeed. I believe that […]

The MacBook Air is perfect for ultimate portability. Now you’ll be able to easily work anywhere. We want you to have one. On us… Click Here to enter Formidable Sweepstakes to win.

Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back To be successful at having your website online, depend on recurring visitors. Visitors are easier to transform into spending customers because the more often they return to your site, the more trust they have in you and your website. This creates your brand credibility. Hence, keep your visitors coming back to […]

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