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Making the decision to build your website presence online is about the third (3rd) greatest decision you will make outside of buying a home or purchasing your vehicle.

Honestly, the thought process should be the same. In a way no different. Buying or building a home you will live in is what will define you. Building a website is no different. In fact, location online and how it is running will make all the difference in the world as to the successful launch of your website.

Another point, you choose the make and model vehicle you want based on the Identity and image you want to portray, Shouldn’t the type of traffic you drive to your house or aum! website be just as important?

If what I’m saying makes sense to you. let’s have a discussion about your brand presence online. Apply for a free consultation appointment below.


Client Questionnaire (Be prepared to discuss these bullet points.)

• Why is the site needed?
Who is the audience? What are the age ranges and interests of potential site visitors?
• How will they use the Web site?
• What are the key reasons users may have for visiting the site?
• What should visitors of the site come away with?


• What content will be needed for the site?
List the sections and features that will be included.
• What already exists and what needs to be developed?


What should the site communicate?
What are the primary objectives and goals (long term and short-term) for the site?
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