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1 Million YouTube Subscribers

One Million YouTube Subscribers


Actions To Generating Extra Traffic From YouTube

 YouTube remains a highly influential social platform. It’s the initial point that somebody reviews while they are viewing for video clips; and YouTube videos have been conveniently moved on to other internet users. Due to its remarkably viral nature, YouTube is an excellent tool for internet marketing. Here are the measures that you should follow.

You presumably have learned YouTube. Well, who hasn’t? Millions of people are uploading, watching, downloading, or linking to videos on YouTube every day. If you want to see a video of something, you can always check it out from YouTube.

YouTube is an open video distribution website that employs Adobe flash technology to be capable to present videos uploaded by its millions of members. These videos are viewed and seen by around 20 million YouTube visitors every month. Videos on YouTube emphasize thousands of unknown and known people daily.

If you have a website, an account with YouTube would help you. You can take benefit of its unfettered video distribution and the remarkably vast network of people you could market your product to. Just imagine how much traffic your website would generate through your videos. There is no better way to promote to millions of people for free than YouTube. Using this service, you can maximize your product or services. Here’s how you can use YouTube more effectively in your internet marketing efforts.




Step 1: Design a specific genre for your video

Choosing what kind of video you will be producing depends on what kind of target audience you plan to design the video for. Picturesque and interactive videos would work most desirable for teenagers or college students. A more traditional performance will suit the professional and working market.

The idea is to create a video that would most attract its target market. Make sure that your video’s message is clear but brief. Make sure that your clip won’t play for more than 5 minutes.

Generate an impression with your message. Try to jolt and propel people out of their typical nonchalance. Make them inquisitive about your product, business, or service and make them desire to own what you sell through the content of your video.

Make sure that you are identifying yourself with the video. It should contain your logo or your company name. This is a way to make sure that your message won’t be mislaid to the viewers. Take your time in creating your video. Make sure that the finished product would give out the message that you want to convey.


Step 2: Strategically distribute your video on the internet

The strategic placement of your videos on YouTube will raise people’s interest and would get them to watch your video. Make it a must-watch video. Chances are your video will appear on YouTube home page, generating more interest. This is where viral marketing would start to work. Your videos will be watched and passed on by more and more people.


Step 3: Generate a link to your website

Remember that the purpose of your video is to attract more people to visit your website. However, a direct sales pitch from a video is frowned upon by YouTube. To avoid having your video deleted (yet still being able to make a subtle advertisement), put a teaser trailer at the end of the video. Put your company name on the trailer and make sure the person watching it would know whom to associate the video with.



Here are the titles of these Videos:


Video 1 – Intro

Video 2 – 100 Subs

Video 3 – 1000 Subs

Video 4 – 100k Subs

Video 5 – 1 Million Subs

Video 6 – Unorthodox Methods




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