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Website Design & Hosting Questionnaire

Hello, and welcome to Deese Marketing Association.

First thing is we typically needing to promptly get all the accurate information about you, so that we can methodically begin standard setup of your official account with us, and accurately setup your specific files. ALL information will be invariably required before we can properly begin processing your questionnaire and adequately consulting with you regarding comprehensive design of your official website.

Please provide us with the following information, so we can promptly get your account satisfactorily completed in its entirety.
It is our official policy and government required that we must collect and securely store the below following Information for doing business.
This pertinent information is required for us to have on file in order to maintain financing accounts with our payment processors. Failure to return this information can result in delays in setting up your account. 
Failure to return this required information can and will result in the disqualification of your “Financing Schedule,” as outlined in your “Website Design and Hosting Agreement.” This can also result in full payment to be billed.

Once you have completed the information above, the final step is to email a photo or scan copy of the following to

*Copy of drivers' license or government ID.

*Copy of official mailed letter "heading" with current address and date no more than 90 days.

Again this is required because we will actually be qualifying you for our In-house loan to build your website. Without this information, you will be required to pay all the costs upfront.

If you don’t understand what your business does, how can you want a website that will drive users to interact with it? The mistake that many website owners often make is assuming they know what a website does.

You going to want to make a list...

What are the must have website features? What features are desired but not required?

This list will help us determine if your wants are in line with budget and what you can actually do. As we work together on this list, talking about features or elements that will be requiring extensive coding (budget), this will give us in-site into options so that the interface is modern and usable.

We need to make sure we get a clear understanding from you about existing style rules. Do they apply to print or online or both?

And will it apply to this project?

The big consideration in this matter is often fonts and colors. Web and print branding materials should be consistent, but might vary somewhat. Many brands will opt for a similar Google Font for the website design rather than buying a font package for online use. Do we need to work with you through finding a set of typefaces that will work for your project?

We need you to have these same considerations for your color mixes. We need to know if you have a existing style guide that contain RGB or HEX color codes? If so, we need you to note them for inclusion in the style guide for the project. This will save you from having frantic phone calls later or stumbling on the project to see lots of similar colors in use with no style consistency.

Next. what we like you to do is look at websites that appeal to you. They can even be from unrelated industries you in. The reason being it will give us a feel for the design style you like. Consider the following when you do see the sites you are passionate about...

  • Do you like white space and clean lines?
  • Do you like lots of color and imagery?
  • Do you prefer large or small type?
  • Do you like animation or other modern features?
A question that’s often forgotten. The website project is finished. The design is fantastic and you have no idea how to know if it was a boom or bust.

From the start, there should be a measurable goal for success. For e-commerce websites, that’s often sales (an easy one), but for other websites it might be time on site, number of mobile users or downloads of a specific item.

Knowing what is important in terms of success will help you determine a design that leads users toward that goal.

It’s also important to think about what failure could look like.

What’s on the flip side of that success? Is the project a “failure” if certain milestones aren’t met? What are they? No. We don't want to get a communication that the new website “doesn’t work” after launch.

OK. So we have a good idea on the important need of your site. We need to know how soon you need the website to be live?

There are plenty of contributing factors to consider, you should know about like, internal company situations such as case loads, and our ability to move the project into our schedule.

We already understand you may not like to talk budget early in the process. We need you to, so we can draft you the best financial plan possible for you, in the "Website Design & Hosting Agreement."

We want you and our agency to have a clear understanding from the start of what the project scope is and whether that fits into the budget you may have set aside for the website.

We want to be very clear with you a budget mismatch will almost never work out.

So, let's start a transparent conversation with some general figures you can cite to us that you can set aside on a monthly or annual basis for this project. “ A project like this will probably be somewhere in the range of $1,000 USD to $10,000.00 + USD. Does that seem in line with your budget?”

If not, you can discuss potential changes that can get the project and budget scopes more aligned. We do offer packages that can help guide you in your decision-making. We do offer Zero% Interest financing as an option for you if you find your budget to be challenging but find your project an urgency that can not be delayed.

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