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Executive Office Notification 02.14.2022

Executive Office of
John E Deese

Address to the recent email sent out by the Accounting department

Hello to all members of DMA. I like to first off thank each and everyone for being a valued client.

It has come to my attention by several clients concerning there issues with the email. It seems to be some confusion that clients have about why the email was sent out. The primary reason is for clients to get registered inside our community. If you already a member, you should not have even worried yourself with the email.

Secondly, A couple of you believed the email addressed the annual ICANN required registration fee. I did not (or your website would have been shutdown by now). The email pretty much addressing the concerns we have over the monthly non-payments of the $25.00 USD monthly hosting & Maintenance.

As of this Executive Office notification, I've requested the Accounting department and the Administration department to address the followings...

1. To audit all accounts of clients missing monthly services payments since 01.01.2023 to present day. Those missing payments more than 30 days are to be IMMEDIATELY notified of their site being suspended (NOT DELETED).

Sites deletion is handled at the registry level when non-payment of the monthly hosting and maintenance is not paid. Or, unless your payment is more than 90 days behind. At which point you would no longer qualify for financial assistance and would be required to pay IN-FULL any website development balance owed (If ANY!) before the website is reactivated.

2. I've directed the Administration department to update ALL Polices, that address our agency operations' in the footer of our website to be inclusive of the above directive to be taken throughout my agency.

3. I've directed the Accounting department to send out notification to clients' directly impacted by the conditions of my directive above and to address they have 7 days from the day of Accounting department email sent to bring account to full term.


These measures is being taken to tighten down on clients not doing their fair-share in being responsible to our agency for whom we work hard to help get going and staying afloat even when going through hard times. WE GET IT!

HOWEVER! TODAY! I literally had to come out my pocket to save my business for defaulting on its OWN obligations because of non-payment by so many, literally depleted my business account budget for my services and operations...

We came VERY! close to ALL accounts lost because of too much forbearance, Thus we are having to rapidly address these concerns internally and have concluded that these serious measures need to take place.

I'm strongly appealing to those individuals that is having financial issues to collaborate with the accounting department to work out terms on keeping your account(s) active. They will work with you, as long as you have a good history of successful payments.

With my agency expansion and growth, I'm having to take on a more back end role and these departments within my agency is being held more to standards to directly address clients one on one rather than me.

I would love to continue to address each and everyone of you directly regarding your issues, However, we know that would be a unrealistic goal to accomplish alone. So, I've ordered the Administrative department to take over my main social media account to address live clients issues. The Administrative department will purge my accounts for directly sending me any top priority issues from my social media accounts.

Once I get these issues to my desk, I will make a Executive office decision on the issues similar to how I'm addressing these current issues with our Accounting department and what have recently developed with accounts.

Lastly, This is why it is of GRAVE! importance that clients understand the push to get 100% involved in the DMA Community link directly in the main menu Links in the header of our website.

Steps to Take...

1. Make sure you are register in the DMA Community.

If not registered, Please, get registered as soon as possible to avoid any future delays. if you register already please check to be sure you still have access or request to have your passwords updated.

2. Be sure you have your profile completed and fully updated. You are responsible for keeping your profile updated with the latest information. This is how we can best serve our clients. IF we don't know things changing with you, we can't help you.

In conclusion...

Please fill out the form below and feel free to address this newsletter with any concerns you have about my Executive Address.

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